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Daily care & maintenance

One of the greatest benefits of vinyl flooring is its simple upkeep. It is resistant to staining, scratching, fading, and impact, and it's waterproof! However, there are still some things to keep in mind when it comes to regular care and maintenance.

Regularly sweep, dry mop, and vacuum your flooring. You can also use a wet mop, as vinyl flooring is waterproof. However, it can get slippery, so you'll want to dry it right away. You should also consider investing in doormats and floor protectors for heavy furniture. 

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Milk spill onVinyl floor | Speers Road Broadloom

Dealing with spills

Whenever you notice a spill, all you need to do is mop it up with a clean, dry cloth. To remove any residue, you can follow up with a manufacturer-approved floor cleaner. For more difficult stains, such as wax or oil, you may wish to consult with your manufacturer's care guidelines. 

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At Speers Road Broadloom, we have an accredited design team on hand to help you choose the best products and styles to suit your environment.

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Speers Road Broadloom is conveniently located in Oakville, ON. Visit our showroom today for personalized service and so much more!

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