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Naturally beautiful and elegant

Why choose hardwood flooring?

Who can resist the exquisite beauty of natural hardwood flooring? We certainly can't! The rich, inviting tones and intricate knots of wood add a warm yet elegant element to any space. Hardwood is perfect for anyone wanting to add aesthetic value to their home and property, and we carry a large selection of hardwood guaranteed to last for decades with proper care and maintenance.

Hardwood flooring features

When it comes to hardwood flooring, there are many features and benefits. Hardwood flooring leaves a lasting impression on your guests while making smaller spaces look larger, and adding warmth to any room. Better yet, many types of hardwood are stain-resistant! They also wear well and are more cost-effective over the long run when properly maintained. 

Perveco hardwood | Speers Road Broadloom
Hardwood flooring | Speers Road Broadloom
Shaw hardwood flooring | Speers Road Broadloom
Anderson tuftex hardwood | Speers Road Broadloom

Need hardwood flooring inspiration?

Imagine new hardwood flooring from Speers Road Broadloom in your home! View our hardwood inspiration gallery to see the latest trends, styles, and more in different rooms before browsing through our large online collection.

Hardwood cleaning | Speers Road Broadloom


Hardwood flooring is durable and ages well. However, it does require some regular care and maintenance. Follow these simple care tips!

Hardwood installation | Speers Road Broadloom


When it comes to your hardwood flooring installation, trust the experts at Speers Road Broadloom! Our professionals are efficient and knowledgeable.